Sam Shaffer, Ph.D.

Psychotherapy & Career Counseling


Sam Shaffer, Ph.D. practices individual psychotherapy and couples counseling.  In addition, he provides career counseling and vocational assessment.


“The inner voice is the voice of a fuller life.”

- Carl Jung

Psychotherapy provides the chance to solve problems and chart new directions.  It also offers the opportunity to develop a subtler awareness of thought, emotion, and communication.

In many ways, the primary goals of psychotherapy are universal.

  • Freedom from the restrictive patterns of the past.
  • Development of emotional balance in the present.
  • Enjoyment of new growth possibilities for the future.

These goals come within reach through the conscious examination of life patterns.  They come to realization through the careful encouragement of human potential.

or over thirty
 years, Dr. Shaffer has worked with a variety of methods, including psychodynamic therapy and growth-oriented counseling.  These methods help people to change their lives. 

Couples Counseling

“If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find . . . the true meaning of life.”

                                                                                                                        - The Dalai Lama

Throughout their lives, people require both intimacy and solitude.  As they grow and change, their relationships have to accommodate these fundamental needs in new ways.

From raising children to managing crises, intimate partners provide many forms of support for each other. They have to learn different ways of relating to each other in the process.  Couples counseling helps bring clarity, compassion, and flexibility to the evolving challenges of intimate life.

Dr. Shaffer helps couples become aware of the entire spectrum of their feelings for each other.  He helps them transcend the limiting aspects of past family patterns to reach a new level of closeness.  He helps them anticipate and negotiate the predictable developmental challenges of family life.

With couples, Dr. Shaffer uses cognitive, psychodynamic, and transpersonal techniques.  He works to provide a safe environment for growth and change.  He supports the development of clear boundaries, communication, empathy, and love. 

Career Guidance

“Work is a vocation, a calling from . . . the source of meaning and identity.”

                                                                                                           - Thomas Moore

Career counseling offers the opportunity to make work life more creative and fulfilling.  Beginning with interests, dreams, and goals, individuals can discover the roots of their vocational motivation and develop a sense of purpose. 

Using this sense of purpose as
a guide, they can explore various options for meaningful work.  Based on their skills and experience, they can chart a career direction that offers reliable income and personal satisfaction.

To provide a comprehensive counseling experience, Dr. Shaffer combines interview techniques,
projective testing, and internet resources.  Using these tools, he helps
clients to develop new directions in education, work, and life planning.  He provides assistance with job search techniques, resume construction, and interview skills.

From the career guidance process, people gain a more thorough knowledge of their hopes, dreams, and motivations.  They establish a new perspective on their work lives. They develop proactive strategies for translating their life goals and personal skills into viable career choices. 

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